Welcome to my personal weblog, Rambod.net. I’m Rambod Ghashghaiabdi, a passionate programmer and IT enthusiast based in Antalya, Turkey. With extensive experience in Python, Dart, C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, I bring a wealth of knowledge in game development, mobile applications, and software development. This blog is my platform to share tutorials, articles, and resources that aim to educate, inspire, and connect with like-minded tech enthusiasts. My current projects include working on virtual reality (VR) experiences using Unreal Engine, which I document and share here.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, suggestions, or collaboration ideas, feel free to reach out to me. I’m always open to discussing new projects and opportunities. You can contact me via email at [rambod.dev@gmail.com] or through the contact form below. Additionally, I offer support for free or open-source games and mobile applications listed on this site. Let’s connect and create something amazing together!

Game Development

Dive into the world of game development with my tutorials and articles. I focus extensively on Unreal Engine, providing in-depth guides on everything from basic setup to advanced programming techniques. You’ll learn about game design principles, asset creation, performance optimization, and my VR projects. I also cover Unity and other popular game development tools. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, you’ll find valuable resources to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Free and Open-Source Games

From time to time, I’ll be listing and reviewing free or open-source games and mobile applications that you can use and play. These recommendations aim to provide you with quality entertainment and tools that won’t cost you a dime. If you need support or have questions about these games, feel free to reach out to me.

Software Development

Explore the realm of software development through detailed guides and insights. I discuss best practices, emerging technologies, and practical solutions to common challenges. This section is dedicated to helping developers create efficient, robust, and scalable applications. My tutorials cover various frameworks and tools, including Flutter, Django, Flask, and Vue.js, ensuring you have the resources needed to build modern and responsive applications.

Currently, I am working on several exciting projects, including innovative virtual reality (VR) experiences using Unreal Engine. These projects aim to push the boundaries of immersive technology, offering unique and interactive experiences for users. Through my blog, I document the development process, share insights, and provide tutorials to help others learn and grow in this fascinating field.